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“We are delighted to welcome Cyntech Components as a Friend of Pi. Cyntech’s wealth of experience in electro-mechanical components has enabled them to develop innovative support products for the Raspberry Pi computer, and will deliver a number of further products in the coming months.”Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi Foundation

Latest News

Yamaichi_Electronics_Y-CircP-Crimp-press13 October 2015
Cyntech Components further stocks the new Y-Circ P Push-Pull with crimped contacts
Y-Circ M circular connectors11 October 2015
Cyntech Component stocks Y-CircĀ® M circular connectors
Y-Circ P push-pull circular connector
Cyntech Components stocks NEW Y-Circ P push-pull circular connectors.
Yamaichi Electronics_0.35mm Test Contactor_press5 October 2015
Cyntech Components introduces the 0.35mm Pitch Test Contactor by Yamaichi
LED_Signalleuchte_33x_640x480[1]23 September 2015
Change in the blackening stainless steel bodies by Sloan
18108-socket-with-breakout-board4 September 2015
Aries expands on it’s popular Correct-a-Chip range