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Commercial applications demonstrate that the Raspberry Pi is more than a niche educational computer

28th May 2017

Small form-factor, low-cost computers like the Raspberry Pi are becoming an attractive alternative to more traditional embedded computers in commercial and industrial applications. The availability of versatile cases and other accessories that turn these board-level computers into neat, self-contain...

Microswitches should not fear hostile environments

10th May 2016

The description “hostile environment” conjures up visions of battlefields, extreme climates such as deserts or polar regions, and even the conditions found in space or on other planets. However, for electrical and electronic equipment, hostile environments can be found much closer to home. We al...

Fostering an early love of Electronics Engineering with Snap Circuits educational products

10th March 2016

The award winning Snap Circuits by Elenco, is the latest popular learning educational product to enter the UK market with the hopes of encouraging the next generation of electronic engineers. Snap Circuits has the potential to foster a lifetime love of discovering the principles behind electronics a...

Can you be sure your Lithium batteries meet transportation safety requirements?

2nd March 2016

Battery-related safety issues became one of the hottest news topics over the past winter holiday season, with a multitude of horror stories arising from the latest craze for hoverboards. While not proven yet, the finger of suspicion has pointed to their lithium ion batteries catching fire or explodi...

Understanding custom battery packs: options and applications

10th July 2015

Many electronic systems can benefit from using customised battery packs that can be installed quickly to reduce product assembly costs, are designed to fit snugly into the available space, and facilitate easy connection to both the systems and to chargers. There are an infinite number of ways in ...

Improving process control through more precise pressure/temperature switch design

9th July 2015

Switches that are designed to activate in response to temperature, pressure or other pre-defined physical variables are found in processes ranging from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals. At its simplest, a pressure or temperature switch controls electrical power directly, without requiring external ...

Building in the advantages of USB 3.0 connectivity

8th July 2015

Author: Dave Mellor, Director, Cyntech Components The convergence of different types of smart computing and consumer devices, in conjunction with new media formats and large and inexpensive storage, means that user applications are requiring significantly more bus bandwidth to meet increasing dem...

CEC Level V implications for designers

7th July 2015

From April 1, CE marking of electronic equipment requires new levels of efficiency from external power supplies   Dave Mellor, Director of Cyntech Components advises ‘buyer beware’ What’s meant by ‘efficiency’ with respect to external power supplies? A power supply’s efficienc...

Cooling power supplies

6th July 2015

A comparative analysis of power supply single speed air mover and an entire electronics enclosure system fan. Typical densely packaged electronic systems and power supplies use a fan for forced air cooling. Power supply cooling technology often employs computer electronic thermal management techniq...