Adam Tech

Adam Tech is a global supplier of connectors and cable assemblies for a broad range of applications. Headquartered in Union, New Jersey, USA, with thirty representative offices located throughout North America, Europe and Asia, the company stocks a wide range of standard products as well as offering custom solutions for application-specific product requirements. The company also provides local engineering, sales and product support from its manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan.

Products range

  • Connectors (RF, IDC, DVI, miniature ribbon, AC inlet and outlet, SCSI II/III, USB, mini USB, micro USB, Firewire, mini-Firewire, SATA, HDMI, mini HDMI, FPC, FFC, memory, terminal block, euroblock, battery, D-subminiature, wire to board, EMI/RFI power line filters, mini flex)
  • Sockets (PLCC, IC)
  • Display ports and mini display ports
  • Small form factor connectors
  • Jacks (modular, audio, RCA, DIN, mini DIN, power DIN)
  • Headers (pin, shrouded, latch)
  • Receptacle strips
  • Power cords