Aries expands on it’s popular Correct-a-Chip range

Cyntech Components are proud to expand its range from Aries Electronics with a new range of Device Under Test boards for small pitch array programming.


  • Fan-out from an Aries Socket/DUT on a small pitch array (=>0.4mm) to a larger pitch/array for prototyping or programming
  • Allows DUT to connect to breadboard or ZIF socket for prototyping/programming
  • Adapt to existing test benches and tooling
  • Can be manufactured for RoHS compliance


  • BOARD MATERIAL: 0.062 [1.58] thick FR-4 or Rogers 370 HR, with 1/2-oz. Cu traces, both sides
  • PADS: finished with ENIG (Electroless Ni Immersion Au)
  • TRACE WIDTH/SPACE: 0.003 [0.076]
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 221°F [105°C] FR-4, 266°F [130°C] Pb-free