Change in the blackening stainless steel bodies by Sloan

Cyntech Components have been notified of an update in the manufacturing process of Sloan AG’s LED indicators.

All deliveries of blackened stainless steel LED indicators manufactured after the 20th of September 2015 are produced according to the new blackening process.

The following Sloan LED indicator series are affected from this change:
343, 344, 348
333, 334, 338
353, 354, 358

Series 174, 175, 178 are no longer available with blackened stainless steel bodies.

Please also note that
– Part numbers will not change
– Dimensions and specifications (except for the stainless steel blackening process) will not change
– The appearance of the LED indicator surface will not change (black semi-gloss)
– The blackened stainless steel bodies exhibit an improved saltwater resistance with the new process
– Prices will not change, pending quotations are still valid with the new blackening process
– All blackened stainless steel LED indicators are still RoHS compliant