Cyntech is a hybrid company based around many complimentary disciplines including design, development, prototyping, assemblies, and supply solutions. We started life nearly 20 years ago as a Franchised Distributor of world class e-mech components but with a background in Design and manufacturing it wasn’t long before we started to design and produce our own range of plastic enclosures and associated electronic assemblies. This has since morphed into us supplying custom designs and solutions to companies across the UK and mainland Europe. Whether you need e-mech components, design help or a full manufacturing service that can include supply to your end customer Cyntech can help as much or as little as you require.

Franchised Component Distributor

We are an established, specialist Franchised supplier of electromechanical components and sub-assemblies, such as connectors, switches, enclosures and power supplies from a variety of industry leading manufacturers including Yamaichi, Pactec, ODU and Silbaco.

We can also source high quality products from companies with reputable brands and we particularly seek out those suppliers that will adapt or customise their products so that you never compromise your design.

Modified Standard and Full Custom Components

If you need us to attached cables to your connector or switch, CNC your enclosures or provide a design solution for your component needs we are happy to supply drawings, samples and end product. Your requirement – our solution.

Design, Development, Supply

We have been fortunate over the years to supply designs and manufacture product for some world class companies. Usually starting with a request for a component or customised enclosure we can clearly and quickly show a pathway to custom solutions which fit both the needs and wants. In house we can do our own electronic designs, PCB layouts, prototypes and final production. Our scope doesn’t stop at PCB assemblies we can help with 3D design of enclosures, produce 3D prototypes as well as production tools. We can even help to gain EMC approvals. 

Because of our many years within electronics, manufacturing and supply we are almost unique in what we can offer – ask the question, we probably can help


  • Interconnect components                                           
  • Enclosures
  • PCB Power Products                                                 
  • LEDs
  • Battery Pack Assemblies                                               
  • Raspberry Pi related
  • Thermal Products                                                         
  • Value Added Components
  • Embedded AC-DC power supplies                                 
  • Semi Custom Assemblies                      
  • Switches                                                                      
  • Fully Custom Product

Examples – Semi Custom

Raspberry Pi with RFID, UPS and custom HAT

  1. Gaming machine remote monitoring unit showing the Raspberry Pi in its case together with the additional boards and battery that are accommodated by the spacer that raises the overall case height

Caller identification modem unit used for restaurant POS system

Internal view of caller ID unit showing modification of Raspberry Pi board and case to accommodate a telephone modem

Connector ‘Swap’ in Plastic Housing

Our service offerings include:

  • Full project management of NPI and production runs
  • Factory management, MSA negotiation, production planning and stock control
  • Full procurement and kitting services
  • PCB layout
  • Custom wire harnesses
  • PCB “assembly only” through to full turnkey manufacturing
  • ddm hopt+schuler GmbH & Co. KG
  • Products
  • Card readers for magnetic cards, smart cards, RFID cards
  • Ticketing systems
  • Miniature switches (code, encoders, rotary, slide, push button/detent/toggle, keylock)

Cyntech Components is an established, specialist supplier of electromechanical components and sub-assemblies from a variety of industry leading manufacturers. We source only the highest quality products from companies with reputable brands and we particularly seek out those suppliers that will adapt or customise their products so that you never compromise your design.

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