Cyntech Components announces the availability of a new range of cable assemblies from Yamaichi

Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, announces availability of the new Y-Circ M M12 connectors from Yamaichi.

The Y-Circ® circular connector line from Yamaichi Electronics includes Y-Circ P push-pull connectors as well as Y-Circ M M12 connectors. This product portfolio makes Yamaichi Electronics the only manufacturer that can offer complete cable assemblies both with their own M12 and their own push-pull connectors. With the Yamaichi Y-Con® product line, adapter cables from M12 or push-pull connectors to RJ45 or USB interfaces are also possible. The advantage of this is that all the required connector components are available on-site, so the entire cable assembly can be handled at a single production location.

Best equipment for all challenges

The technical innovation capacity of the company is also clear from its equipment. Yamaichi Electronic has automatic cable cutters, automatic crimping systems, compacting systems, electrical test benches, and plastic injection moulding machines for loose and insert parts.

Insert moulding solutions even for small and medium lots

Another technical innovation permits Yamaichi Electronics to implement customer-specific tools for the over moulding of connectors or special formed parts quickly and flexibly. Based on customer needs and using a stand-alone software package, the geometry data can be translated from 3D models into the machine code required. Using existing machines available, injection tools are manufactured in-house and can be put directly into production. That makes short throughput times and the manufacturing of cost-optimized tools for small lots a real possibility, so nothing stands in the way of customised over moulding with individual forms, colours, etc. even for small lots.