Cyntech Components expands it’s offering from Yamaichi introducing a new range of Wall Mounted Sockets and CFP4 Optical Transceiver Modules

Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, introduces a new range of Wall Mounted Sockets from Yamaichi Electronics.

The new Y-Circ P series offers print contacts for wall-mounted sockets and they allow a PCB mounting with through-hole soldering for safe fixation. For backward mounting of wall mounted sockets the connector type “WC” is now also available. The fixation is done by two nuts and can therefore overcome distance differences between PCB and housing. The new “WB” and “WR” connector types offer the possibilities of a wall feed-through connector with collet system at the end. The fixation in the housing can be done with two nuts and these types can be ordered with or without bent relief in different colours.