Cyntech Components offers a new range of LEDs with symbol markings

Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, offers a new range of LED indicators with a range of markings.

Microprecision is adding symbol/legend marking options to its 100/600 series of panel LEDs for custom applications.

The function of the basic status light is enhanced and user understanding is improved by adding a symbol.

Custom and universal symbols, such as battery light or oil level, can be used for easy identification. A simple stamp printing process allows a pictogram or short word to be printed in white or black ink on blue, green, amber, red and clear lenses.

The LEDs can be selected in 3 intensities- High Efficiency, Daylight readable super bright, and Super ultra bright. Available in prototype to production quantities, the led indicators are built with standard DC LEDs or bipolar LEDs for AC applications.

By adding a simple resistor, they can be operated at 5-60VDC or up to 240VAC.