Cyntech Components

Cyntech Components stocks NEW Y-Circ P push-pull circular connectors.

With the Y-Circ P series, Yamaichi Electronics offers an improved push-pull circular connector series.

The push-pull series is designed, qualified and produced in Germany which means fast reaction to the needs of our European customers. The high grade of vertical range of manufacturing ensures highest quality and short delivery times.

The product portfolio also includes various matching accessories for the Y-Circ P circular connector series as well as cable assemblies.

We offer products according to your specific requirements so please contact us.


The shorter connector design of the Y-Circ P push-pull circular connector

The Y-Circ P push-pull metal connectors are shorter than competing connectors. This saves space for customer applications and reduces material and also processing costs. The internal asssembly space stays the same size to ensure quick and easy assembly to the push-pull connector.

The easy assembly of the Y-Circ P circular connector with only one half shell design

The same half shell design is used for different Y-Circ P connector types. This makes the assembly of push-pull connectors faster, more convenient and more reliable. This is an important advantage compared to mateable connectors from other manufacturers.

The secure locking mechanism of the Y-Circ P circular push-pull connector

How does the push-pull locking system work? The circular connector locks automatically when the plug is pushed into the socket. The locked connector cannot be released by pulling on the cable, however, the push-pull connector can be released easily by pulling back the plug enclosure.

The advantages of the push-pull system: