Cyntech licenses Raspberry Pi logo to brand its ever-growing range of enclosures and accessories for the computer board

Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, is proud to announce it has licensed the Raspberry Pi logo for use on its range of accessories for the Raspberry Pi computer. The arrangement benefits the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which will receive a proportion of the revenue from selling Pi branded products.

Eben Upton, one of the founders of the Raspberry Pi Foundation said, “We are delighted to be working with Cyntech Components. Cyntech’s wealth of experience in electro-mechanical components has enabled them to develop innovative support products for the Raspberry Pi computer that address real needs and enhance the user experience. We look forward to continuing this collaboration with Cyntech, which will deliver a number of further products in the coming months.”

Cyntech’s first Raspberry Pi product was its custom designed enclosure that was initially offered as a raspberry colour plastic case and has since appeared in a variety of other colours including vibrant blue, black and translucent plastic, with appropriate names like BluBerry, BerryBlack, IceBerry and also the two-colour BlackIce. This compact, low-cost case is tailored to fit the Raspberry Pi board and provides openings for all the connectors and a light pipe window for viewing the board’s LED indicators. Adding further protection for the Raspberry Pi, Cyntech has recently introduced a cover for the SD card slot – this secures the SD card in the case, preventing its removal, accidentally or otherwise.

Through its online shop ( Cyntech also offers a range of accessories specially selected for use with the Raspberry Pi computer. These include power adaptors (UK 3-pin or Euro 2-pin versions) and a range of cables to fit the board’s various interface connectors e.g. HDMI, Ethernet, USB (type A to B), RCA composite video, 3.5mm stereo audio and a GPIO ribbon cable. And coming soon will be some interesting interface and breakout boards aimed at making life even easier for people evaluating or developing applications for the Raspberry Pi, especially educational users.