Cyntech offers the Sloan Flexiprint range of innovative surface mount LED strips for architectural illumination and back lighting

Milton Keynes, UK, February 11, 2013: Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, announces availability of the Flexiprint range of LEDs from Sloan Precision Optoelectronics. The Flexiprint product is a flexible ribbon of printed circuit board mounted with LEDs at regular intervals and backed with a heat-resistant adhesive tape. This allows them to be mounted on flat or curved surfaces and provides a versatile solution for a wide variety of architectural illumination and back lighting applications.

The flexible circuit strips are supplied in a number of standard lengths e.g. 20cm, 1m, 2.5m and 5m but can also be cut to an application-specific length by means of cutting marks on the circuit board after every three LEDs. Each strip contains LEDs of a single colour but within the product range is a choice of LED colours that includes red, green, blue, yellow and white with natural white and warm white variants. Operating voltage is either 12V or 24V with the current consumption dependent on the type of LED, either standard or high brightness, and the length and hence number of LEDs per strip. For example, a 5m strip of 300 high brightness LEDs operating at 24V is rated at 3A or 14.4W/m.

Dave Mellor, managing director of Cyntech Components, said, “Flexiprint LED strips provide an easy design solution for a variety of applications. They can be used to backlight signage or discreetly illuminate display cases as well as providing practical, safe lighting for steps and staircases. I’m also sure designers will also find many more creative ways of using them, whether it’s mood lighting for homes or more effective ambient lighting for offices.”

Flexiprint LED strips have an operating temperature of -25oC to +60oC and options are available with silicone protection to IP65 or IP67 standards, allowing outdoor use. The product line is supported with suitable power supplies and various controllers and other accessories. The controllers provide for dimming, RGB colour control and the balancing of cold, natural or warm-white light using remote handsets that provide easy finger-wheel operation. Most products are available for immediate shipment but otherwise within 4-5 weeks.