Cyntech releases new enclosure for Raspberry Pi

Milton Keynes, UK, September 05, 2012: Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electromechanical components and power supplies, has designed a compact, low-cost enclosure for the Raspberry Pi computer. The enclosure, which is available in the Raspberry colour, has openings for the connectors – including a recessed slot to protect audio and video connections, windows for LED indicators and two slots on the back to enable the box to be mounted on a vertical surface. Each box is printed with a Raspberry Pi logo and the two halves are screwed together to hold the board in place.

Cyntech’s managing director, Dave Mellor, said, “Raspberry Pi is a ground-breaking computer. We’ve developed this enclosure to complement it perfectly: great performance, attractive functionality and low cost. It adds less than 10% to the cost of the device whilst providing protection for the printed circuit board and ease of use for consumers. It’s a very attractive package too.”