Cyntech’s new Blueberry Case for the Raspberry Pi computer is now distributed by CPC

Milton Keynes, UK, October 8, 2012: Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, has just released a new colour variant of its custom-designed Raspberry Pi computer enclosure. Offered in a vibrant deep blue, this distinctive alternative to the original raspberry coloured case retains all the benefits of the original design, providing a compact, low-cost enclosure, tailored to the Raspberry Pi board and with full access to all connectors and indicators. As a member of the Premier Farnell Group, CPC is an authorised UK and worldwide distributor for the Raspberry Pi computer, and will be stocking both colours of this enclosure. Dave Mellor, Cyntech’s managing director, said, “We’ve christened this new case ‘The Blueberry’ for obvious reasons. We know that engineers and computer enthusiasts appreciate good design but we also know some of them like to be different and this is one way they can show their individuality. As always, our aim is to make life easier for our customers, which is why we’re making the case available through CPC who also stock the Raspberry Pi computer and other accessories.” An early customer commented, “I received my enclosure this morning, and I must say I am impressed with the quality and design compared to another enclosure I have had for some time now. In particular, I like your snap out sections for the USB and Ethernet ports – excellent when I am not using all the ports in my RaspBMC implementation. Congratulations on being second “proper case” available, but first in quality and style. The light pipes are the final touch.” The case provides direct external access to the board edge sockets for power, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, RCA video and 3.5mm audio connections. It also includes an exit slot in the side of the case allowing a ribbon cable to be fitted to the board’s 40-pin GPIO header. A light pipe window allows the board’s LED indicators to be viewed when the case is closed. The Blueberry colour version of the case is also printed with the Raspberry Pi logo.