Full metal RJ45 flange for use in the harshest of industrial environments

The Y-ConFlange-40 and the Y-ConFlange-40-C from Cyntech Components is a full metal RJ45 housing flange with a very robust surface.

The Y-ConFlange-40-C comes equipped with integrated seals and when mounted or with its protective cap in place it meets the requirements of IP67 and IP68 protection classes. It covers a working temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C.

The Y-ConFlange-40-C is delivered with a full metal protective cap. This is connected permanently by a steel line to the flange and thus to the device housing. This ensures that the protective cap is always in reach when the plug connector is not in use, so the open flange can be quickly and safely covered if necessary. The Y-ConFlange-40 has the same flange housing and the same features, but without the protective cap.

Both variants can work with different jacks from the Cyntech RJ45 portfolio.

Cyntech also offer a protective housing for the RJ45 plug side as a full metal version, the Y-ConCover-40.

The portfolio of the industrial Y-Con connector series from Cyntech also offers special EMI protected versions. That means they can handle the harshest demands industry has to offer.

The connector system with a full-metal plug housing and full-metal flange on the jack/device side is thus the ideal connection to ensure characteristics such as robustness, water tightness, protection from dust, EMI protection and contact security in industrial applications.