LED-UK is able to produce LED lighting and installation for a wide range of sectors, such as Offices, Sports Facilities through to large Retail Shops, and even Car Showrooms and Museums.

With LED lighting capable of providing life-spans of up to 50,000 hours, and using a fraction of the power, their benefits on the environment, as well as the electricity bill makes their use an easy choice to make.

Products range

      • LED lighting for retail
      • Lighting design using DALI, with features such as occupancy and light sensors
      • Cost reduction of up to 71% compared to florescent tubes


Cyntech Components is an established, specialist supplier of electromechanical components and sub-assemblies from a variety of industry leading manufacturers. We source only the highest quality products from companies with reputable brands and we particularly seek out those suppliers that will adapt or customise their products so that you never compromise your design.

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We work with a selected group of approved EMS providers and can partner with you to ensure that your product is delivered on time and at the most competitive pricing.