Space-Saving Circular Push-Pull Connectors Embrace CAT6A for Industry 4.0 Applications

Milton Keynes, UK, February 9th, 2016: Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of electro-mechanical components and power supplies, announces the addition of CAT6A connectors to the popular Y-Circ P series of circular push-pull connectors from Yamaichi Electronics. A redesigned pin layout and the development of special insulating inserts ensure CAT6A conformity while retaining all the benefits of the familiar Y-Circ P connector format. Offered in 12mm and 15mm diameter body sizes, the new CAT6A connectors deliver full 10GBit/s data transmission, enabling robust and reliable solutions for the burgeoning industrial Internet of Things market.

Although the CAT6A connectors are currently unique, Yamaichi’s established Y Circ P series provides a metal-bodied circular connector design that is mechanically and electrically compatible with comparable industry standard connectors but offers a significant space- and weight-saving advantage by being 11mm shorter in overall length than competitive solutions.

These connectors feature a push-pull locking mechanism that is mechanically rugged, providing a safe and dependable locking mechanism that can be mated and unmated without screws or tools and endure up to 5000 connection and disconnection cycles. Electrically, gold-plated brass contacts are rated with a maximum contact resistance of 5mΩ and the chromed-brass metal connector housings provide electrical noise shielding of >75dB at 10MHz and >55bD at 1GHz. Easy and efficient assembly is ensured by a design that prevents the connector from being closed if parts are mounted incorrectly.

The Y-Circ P connector is suitable for use in harsh conditions, operating over a temperature range from -40oC to +120oC with humidity up to 95% at 60oC. The connector is also specified with an ingress protection rating of IP50 and a resistance to salt spray corrosion testing in excess of 144 hours. Resistance to vibration and shock is tested at 10-2000Hz, 15g and 100g, 6ms respectively.
Other Y-Circ P connectors offer pin counts from 2 to 30 with solder or crimp contacts and come in 9, 12, 15 and 18mm diameter body sizes, supporting various keying systems. As well as standard in line plugs and sockets, bulkhead sockets are also available.

Highlighting the prime benefit of the Y-Circ P connectors from Yamaichi, Dave Mellor, managing director of Cyntech Components, said, “The shorter length of the mated connectors makes connection and disconnection in confined spaces quicker and easier. The smaller size also saves on material costs and helps make these quality components even more attractively priced. The addition of CAT6A versions simply demonstrates the versatility of this connector format.”