Yamaichi’s new push-pull circular connector Y-Circ® P with overmolded bent relief

Milton Keynes, UK, June 29th, 2018: Cyntech Components, a specialist supplier of Yamaichi products; Yamaichi Electronics now also offers the Y-Circ® P series with overmoulded bent relief. Upon request, the cable outlet in connection with a cable assembly for the Y-Circ® P can be equipped with an overmoulded bent relief. This prevents unwanted unscrewing of the connector without the need for gluing. The proven bent relief design increases its flexibility in comparison with standard bent reliefs.


Yamaichi Electronics produces the Y-Circ P in its factory in Frankfurt (Oder). Cable assemblies for in-house and third-party products are also manufactured there.


Customer-specific designs and adaptations to the requirements of cable assemblies can also be easily realised thanks to long-standing know-how in the overmoulding of connectors.


This product portfolio makes Yamaichi Electronics the only manufacturer capable of offering complete cable assemblies with overmoulded in-house M12 and push-pull connectors. In addition, adapter cable assemblies for connecting M12 or push-pull connectors to RJ45 or USB interfaces are possible with the legally protected industrial connector series Y-Con®. Yamaichi Electronics thus offers the advantage that all required components are available onsite and the entire cable assembly including the overmoulding can be manufactured at a single production location.